About Us

Rochor Thai started as a small eatery in 2012 in Rochor Centre, but its true roots go far deeper, you could say right to the Land of Smiles itself.

Chef owner Joel Ong created this project borne from his passion of food and all things Thai. After completing his diploma in culinary arts, he spent a year in Thailand living with the locals and studying the fantastic array of culinary delights the country had to offer.

Upon his return to Singapore, he wanted not only to recreate the great food, but also the feeling of kinship and warmth he had when dining with friends and loved ones. “Most of the Thai eateries in Singapore serve cuisine from the North-East, which most chefs here take to mean just spicy and sour, period. I feel that we don’t have a place where Thai food is served truly as it is meant to taste, strong-flavoured yet well-balanced,” laments Joel. “But I’m still a Singaporean lah. Although some of the dishes might be unfamiliar to you, don’t worry! Definitely shiok one!”

In a few short years, Rochor Thai has expanded, in both size and concept thanks to the unwavering support of its loyal fans, and has even collected a few accolades along the way. We welcome you to share a meal with the Rochor Thai family and experience a true taste of Thailand.

Chef Joel Ong

Chef Owner

The Rochor Thai team is led by Chef Joel Ong. Showing a strong interest in the culinary arts even at a tender age, he realized he was exceptionally sensitive to subtle flavors in food. Always one to follow his passions, it came as a surprise to few he left NUS to enroll in At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy to hone his craft and pursue a Diploma in Culinary Arts.

Chef Joel admits that he has never really enjoyed Thai cuisine growing up in Singapore until he visited Bangkok when he was 23. He discovered an amazing new range of flavors when having food at places frequented by local friends. The food and culture inspired him so much that he spent a year in Thailand learning about the cuisine and experiencing the flavors of Thailand. In 2012, Chef Joel returned to Singapore to set up Rochor Thai – a labor of love.

He currently conducts regular Thai culinary workshops in Indonesia and Singapore.

Chef Aod (Padungpong Chuthongchai)

Chef De Cuisine

Chef Aod (Padungpong Chuthongchai) is one of the few Thai Chefs in Singapore who is well experienced in the Thai fine dining industry. His hometown is in Chonburi, Thailand.

He graduated from the Dusit Thani College in Western-Thai Culinary Skills, and spent many years honing his skills at prestigious five star hotels such as Dusit Thani and Amari Orchid, as well as Mantra, arguably Pattaya's best restaurant.

Well experienced in Western, Thai and Indian Cuisine, Chef Aod joined the Rochor Thai team in April 2013 and has been part of the family ever since.